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The man and the internet

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The man and the internet.Thanks to the Internet there is almost nothing that can not be made chair comfortable home, from visiting shops of all kinds, paying bills, the research work and documentation for various papers and even keeping in touch with friends who were thousands of miles away...

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The man and the internet




     I have seen so far that the virtual world of the Internet wants to be, in view of some, a parallel to the real world, a better copy of it. Although many experts say that to achieve this desideratum is a pretty long way to go, germ 'new world' where there is a present attractiveness can not be neglected. The number of citizens of this world and increasing rapidly despite the fact that you should still take a long time yet until cyberspace”.

    There are many negative signs morally what can be put into the new world in terms of its content or the type of information circulating through the 'veins' of this new space because you can find a lot of viruses, the maniac of any kind, pornography is in bloom, a lot of sites spread violence, racist ideas, religious fanaticism and, under the shadows of anonymity, sold illegal copies and confidential data and some attempts to rob 'in the full electronic' different accounts.

    From the point of view content the network but we can talk and a lot of positive aspects (maybe in a number greater than the negative) such as: an accumulation of information communication not only negligible (included in the e-mail, conference calls, etc.. ), And culture in all its forms: images of churches and museums and other creations of great artists, music stretched over a very wide range (from the church and classical to the latest compositions) and texts that include huge libraries of human and literary creation.   

     The Internet has quickly become a social phenomenon than a technical media. It had and will have an impact on society and resulted in future. People are attracted by this phenomenon and I devote so much time editing modes of human interaction. Really times affecting relations between people will be the same, or would prefer to work in a digital own space? What are these changes to society and family life? The new technology will mean it, reducing time spent at work and increase the number of hours worked at home, which would involve a strengthening of family relationships? It is obvious tendency Internet to revolutionize the information and means of entertainment, affected their production and consumption, transforming social life and our behavior, even Political institutions and the role of citizens in the their. The studies conducted on a sample of users and non-users of the Internet have following out.

         As the growing number of years since the Internet is used, the greater the number of hours, the Internet becomes indispensable. The participants poll have agreed to live without the Internet for two weeks. After only two days some of you 'is felt weird,' After five days and have dropped in this poll. A very small number of people have resisted, but said that would not want to repeat this experience.

         Approximately one quarter of regular Internet users (more than 5 hours per week), I feel like sentient  decreased time spent with family, friends and fun.

         More than a quarter of those who use Internet at work, says the number of hours worked at home, the internet has increased, without this mean reducing the number of hours worked to work.

         60% of regular users of the Internet, statement that the Internet has reduced the number of hours spent in front of the TV, and the third says, spend increasingly less time reading newspapers.


Thanks to the Internet there is almost nothing that can not be made chair comfortable home, from visiting shops of all kinds, paying bills, the research work and documentation for various papers and even keeping in touch with friends who were thousands of miles away. Communication, which means before, writing letters, was now reduced to a few clicks of the mouse, so people are able to correspondence via e-mail more quickly and efficiently than through traditional mail. Positive aspects of the Internet can not be measured, while, some negative aspects can be easily emphasized.

The main adverse effects are:

         estrangement institutions (family, educational institutions and the workplace; isolation in impersonal). Studies show people tend to become more stressed, more depressed and alone, with each hour spent in the obscure world of the chat. It is obvious that although chat rooms on the net, offers the same interactivity as well as discussions face-to-face, these discussions miss the personal contact is necessary for the development of skills communication. This will affect also negative way in which teenagers communicate with family, friends and members of society.

         The loss of their culture (the Internet introduces a chaotic invasion of culture, which can lead to the loss of their culture and a new culture. Adopting a new culture will lead to a disastrous disintegration of national values).

         The loss of identity. (Estrangement and the loss of their culture, will inevitably lead to loss of identity).

Human feedback on everything IT technology meant remained unclear until now. Some people experience these changes with euphoria, others fear the consequences. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Romania was last year, ranks 41, from a total of 60 countries assessed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), after the development and use of electronic services, being preceded in the ranking of South Africa and Venezuela. EIU analysts have given each country had in the scores, all made by Romania is 4.91 points. First class - Sweden - won 8.42 points (from a maximum of 10 points) and last place was occupied by Nigeria with 2.82 points.

In Romania there are four million users who spend at least an hour weekly on the Internet. Of these, 16% use the Internet frequently, and 23% from time to time. According to a study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the rate of increase in the number of Internet users in Romania is a million per year.

The Internet is everywhere ... we where?

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