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The prisonier of Zenda

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They fought whit swords and they rode fast horses. Some of this people lived in palaces and castels.Castels were strong buildings made of stone.
This story happens in Ruritania.Ruritania is not a real country. There has never been a country called Ruritania.There is not a town called Zenda...

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The prisoner of Zenda

                    Anthony Hope



Anthony Hope (Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins) was born in London on 9th February 1876 and he died on 8th July 1933.When he was alive he wrote many plays and stories. One of his most famous stories is The Prisoner of Zenda (1894).

Time: 1893

Place: The country of Ruritania somewhere in Central Europe.

This is a romantic story. And it is an adventure story. The author wrote many stories about beautiful women and handsome men. In these stories, men wore fine uniforms. They fought whit swords and they rode fast horses. Some of this people lived in palaces and castels.Castels were strong buildings made of stone.

This story happens in Ruritania.Ruritania is not a real country. There has never been a country called Ruritania.There is not a town called Zenda.


                   1.The Rassendyll Family


This story is about a man: Rudolf Rassendyll.A strong and tall man. He had red hair and red beard. He also had a long, thin nose. He was an English gentleman who travelled every year in Europe. Once upon a time in his family was a big noisiness. His great-grandfather had royal blood .He was the prince of Ruritania.He visited the King of England and he fell in love whit his daughter, and she fell in love with he. Soon after that, the King of Ruritania died. Rudolf, his great-grandfather, went back and became a king. He married with a German princess, and his great-grandmother married whit an English gentleman called Rassendyll.The next year she had a baby. This baby wasn’t Rassendyll’s child. The boy’s father was Rudolf Elphberg.This scandal about the Rassendyll family was in 1734.


                   2.A New King For Ruritania

In 1893 Rudolf Rassendyll had twenty –nine years old. He was standing on his brother. His sister-in-law was calling Rose. In a morning he had a long discussion about a job with Rose.After that he read in “Times” newspaper an article about “A New king for Ruritania”.


3. Zanda


After that he goes in a holiday, in Germany.Here he was aware about Madame Mauban who was loving Duke of Strelsau, the old brother of the prince of Ruritania.Prince Rudolf was going marry with his cousin princess Flavia.

After that he goes to Ruritania.Because Strelsau was so busy he was standing in Zenda, a close town.Here was standing in an inn hotel.He arrived to Zenda and he was standing at the inn’s hotel.Here met Johann an innkeeper’s daughter friend.


4.In The Forest


In the next morning Johann gave to Msr.Rassendyll a letter and he offer his sister’s house who was in Strelsau for enjoy the conoration.After that he walk to the next station  by way Zenda Forest.On the road he looked to the Duke Michel’s castel.Then he keeps going .After a while he sat down.But he fell asleep.And he slept for a long time.He woke and saw two men were looking at he.Rudolf met the colonel Sapt and Fritz.Then beside they appeared a red-haired man.It was the Prince Rudolf in he self.He met the Prince and they went to the hunting-lodge for eat dinner .They drank the Black Michael’s wine.


5.Black Michael


But Black Michael put a drug in the wine and they were sleeping all the night.The Prince was sleeping when the Colonel Sapt and Fritz woke up Mr.Rassendyll. Because the prince cannot woke up they made a plan.They were putting Mr.Rassendyll on the Rudolf’s place.Because the prince lived in France many years the people don’t know he very well.They going to believe he is their king. He must to help the people because Black Michael wants to be their king.

After Colonel Sapt shaved the Mr.Rassendyll’s beard they put the Prince on his bed and they were going to the station.

When “The Prince” arrived to Streslau thousands of people were waiting for him. He met Black Michael-a man with a black beard, a pale face, cruel eyes and a very angry expression.




After the coronation he went in a carriage beside Princess Flavia., a wonderful women with red hair.Princess Flavia told him about the Six.The Six are the dangerous band of Duke Michael.When they arrived at the Royal Castle Colonel Sapt took the “King “ and said to the people “the King must to rest now.”.They were going upstairs and after that they lived the Castle for going aback to the hunting-lodge.They arrived there after midnight but they not found the King.He was disappeared.The Six took the King and killed the servant.

They were returning to Streslau and Mr Rassendyll been the King again.     


                               7.The Six


         They arrived aback at the royal palace and he sleep quickly .Princess Flavia came into the room and “the King” asked she if it want to merry with him.She don’t answer.

He receive a letter.In this letter someone want’s to saw him at the midnight in the summerhouse.  At the midnight “the King” and Colonel Sapt went to the summerhouse. Here Mr.Rassendyll saw Antoinette de Mauban.She want to help Mr.Rassendyll but the men of Black Michael were there.From all of this they found out the Prince is prisoner in Zenda Castle.


                            8.The Prisoner In The Castle

They were going to the forest to hunt Black Michael.They were having a plan. The innkeeper’s daughter went into the private room with food and wine.They spoke to her about the visit and she said about her friend (one of the Michael’s servants)and she said she will send to him a letter to come at the inn’s house.


                            9.Rupert Hentzau


The next morning a man came and bring a message from Michael. After Mr.Rassendyll spoke to Rupert Hentzau the man try to kill “the King”, but the guards came and save him. Late a man came again. It was Johann.The guards put on he a coat over his had and bring he in the Fritz’s house.Mr.Rassendyll talk to Johann.He learned about a secret door,he learned about Antoinette de Mauban who was prisoner too in the castle like the King,he learned about the two guards who stay all the time outside the cell and the guard who stay all the time into the cell.Then Johann accept to help them.


                       10.Voices From A Window 


Mr.Rassendyll get into the castle and herd some voices.They came from a window.Were Antoinette de Mauban

And Rupert Hentzau.Then came Michael and the window close.


                                    11.Inside The Castle


 Antoinette help them creating a sabotage Mr.Rassendyll killed De Gautet.Then the next man who stay on the cell’s door was Bersonin.He fight with “The King” but he wasn’t a good fighter and Mr.Rassendyll killed he soon.Then he took the cell’s key and get in.There he fight with the third man-Detchard-who killed the doctor.Then the real king hit Detchard with a chair.He killed the man.After all of this Mr.Rassendyll goes downstairs and saw Rupert fighting with Michael.Rupert killed Michael and goes away in the forest.Princess Flavia  arrive.She speak with Mr.Rassendyll and heard all the story.She was sad because she loved him.


                            12.The End Of My Story


         After that he stay one more day at the Fritz’s house and he comeback at London. Every year he goes at Dresden and he recive a letter and a white rose from the red haired women.
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