Favourite mean of transport



 Whole world is moving,so we have to keep up.Every day people need to transport between different places to cary on daily activities,even though one cross the sea or the city.

  Thanks to latest improvements in technology nowadays we have a  great variety of means of transport to chose between.Means of transports are associated with one’s need.For example there is a great difference between Beijing’s means of transport that is renoumed for it’s bicycles and those that can be found in New York where everybody drives at least a car.

  As about me ,I’m a bit conservative.I usually use the bus or the tram to get to the school,but if I were to choose only one mean of transport I think I would say that the bike is my favourite one.I know that it may seem a silly choice but there are many arguments that makes the bike an ideal mean of transport.

  Firstly,bike can succesfully fulfill my daily needs.I don’t live so far from school so using the bike i could reach in time for the classes’ beggining.Secondly,I have a “green” way of thinking.I try to protect the nature or at least not to harm it more so that the bike appear like a perfect way to protect the environment.It is a perfectly safe mean of transport that help people not to endanger anymore our green world. For those who live in aglomerated cities, the bike is perfect to escape from agglomeration.One don’t need much spce to ride a bike and it can easily to steal out between agglomeratin sparing one from the stress to wait.Bike is also beneficial for halth and help us to keep fit.They say that a daily ride to bike  can protect us from heart diseases,problems of blood pressure and prevent  from another more diseases.Not to forget,bike is also a cheap mean of transport that don’t need combustibles to run,so almost everybody can afford a bike.

  Nevertheless,bike can’t be always an efficient mean of transport especially for those to have to go through a great distance.Or in many cities there are areas where bycicles access is not allowed and it is necesarily to use the car.

  All in all, bike is an ideal mean of transport inside a town to  go through short distances ,avoid stress and aglommeration,to keep “green” and fit,or simply to  release the mind.

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